No matter what the corrupt, favor-seeking, Ecuadorean government does to disrespect and violate the human rights of its former guest and asylum recipient, Julian Assange is a hero who should be lauded the world over for his tireless work and courageous journalistic exposés of war crimes and corruption. Let’s review the work of the most famous (or seen as infamous by some) whistleblowers of the past few years.

What was Edward Snowden’s “traitorous crime”? What did he reveal to us: that our own governmental intelligence agencies, which were established by and are funded by the people to protect us from dangerous foreign and domestic enemies, were spying, instead, on us — on innocent Americans, on all Americans. They were accessing and reading our emails, listening in on our phone calls — all without warrants or reasonable cause (due process guaranteed by our constitution) — among other criminal acts that violate our constitutional rights to privacy and due process?

And what about Chelsea Manning’s supposedly traitorous crime? What did she reveal to us (while still Bradley Manning) that was so terribly against our “national security”? That would be none other than the fact that many of our own military personnel acting overseas in our name were killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq in reckless and entirely preventable ways.

And then there is Seth Rich. Many have researched the evidence that is available regarding Mr. Rich, and have concluded that he was, indeed, the initial whistleblower in the 2016 DNC presidential elections scandal. Whether or not you believe the source was Mr. Rich or some Russian spies, what exactly was so destructive to our national security that Wikileaks revealed? The highly sensitive, top secret information that was revealed was that one of our own Democratic Party presidential candidates, Ms. Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee, and many of the most popular, mainstream media outlets were conspiring and colluding to fix the 2016 presidential elections in order to ensure that the candidate who should have won the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, would not win. Right. The same group of emails taken from the DNC also revealed that Hillary Clinton was directing some of her coconspirators at a major mainstream media outlet to “elevate Trump as the Pied Piper,” to lead those who were unhappy with the Democrats away from Bernie Sanders. This too was designed to cheat Senator Sanders of the nomination.

The crimes that Hillary Clinton and her fellow-conspirators committed during the 2015–2016 presidential primaries were much more serious than any crimes Nixon ever dreamed of committing during the 1971–72 presidential primaries, including the break-in to the Democratic Party headquarters and wiretapping of the same. Yet shockingly, in a 1984-esque turn made possible by the billionaire owned mainstream media, Ms. Clinton still has a large following of Americans who would vote for her again if she ran for president. Time after time, there has been massive evidence revealed about her and Mr. Clinton’s crimes and violations of the constitution, and yet … by hook or by crook, the billionaire-owned mainstream media hushes the stories.

Incidentally, with all the mainstream media coverage of our current, genuine constitutional crisis regarding the numerous acts of obstruction committed by Mr. Trump and Mr. Barr, it is appropriate to mention that what Ms. Clinton and her co-conspirators did during the 2015–16 Democratic presidential primaries presented the U.S. with a major constitutional crisis … but no one made any fuss about it except a few courageous patriots who were ignored or shamed by the mainstream media. The majority of Americans ignored the crisis or were unaware of it as they obediently put their faith in the mainstream media, as if to endorse the motto from 1984: “Ignorance Is Strength.” George Orwell’s nightmarish conceptions about propaganda in his novel 1984 speak universal truths, not fiction. “Ignorance Is Strength” was one of the three mottoes used by Big Brother and his government. “Freedom Is Slavery” and “War Is Peace” were the other two. Ring any bells?

Finally, what exactly are Julian Assange’s so-called crimes? What did he, as the editor in chief of Wikileaks, reveal to the world that shattered our national security? Contrary to what many have reported, all Mr. Assange has ever revealed to us is what we desperately needed to know in order to hold on to what was left of our freedom and rights. We live in a bizarre world in which the whistleblowers who bring us the information we need to protect our security as a democratic nation and a free nation are being painted as traitors while the real traitors go free to continue chipping away at our freedom and rights. We all wish to believe that we are a nation of laws, and not of men and women, but this is rapidly becoming a lie. Mr. Assange and his associates at Wikileaks revealed to us, by publishing the evidence delivered to them by Chelsea Manning and the source of the DNC emails, evidence that “our” military personnel were committing war crimes in our name and that “our” 2016 Democratic primary elections had been corrupted and rigged and were not at all free and democratic, as mandated by our constitution.

Those of us who are aware of the encroachments on our rights and freedom are in a new revolutionary war of independence. Like the original American revolutionaries, we are the underdogs and we are fighting an uphill battle. But that tide is turning, thanks to the courageous souls who are spreading the truth of our current state of affairs. Mr. Assange, in delivering to us the information and evidence we needed to defend our freedom and rights, is much like the patriot Paul Revere in his midnight ride to alert the revolutionary forces of the approaching British colonial army. And it is the billionaire oligarchists — the modern-day, would-be aristocrats — who have arrested and silenced Mr. Assange. After risking all to deliver several crucial messages to us, Mr. Assange has been captured by those who are, in fact, our true enemies.

The lies and manipulations of the high-level officials in our current (and past) puppet government and the mainstream media are not child’s play. They are carefully crafted and shrewdly broadcast to us to lull us into complacency and distract us while the puppets wrench away our rights and freedoms. And the fact is that we are funding and enabling the perpetrators of these lies and manipulations by our tax money and our labor. Collectively, we are the power station that has been driving our corrupted government.

Those “world leaders” who bask in power at the pinnacles of government in the United States and all over the world who have been exposed for their war crimes and crimes against their people, by Julian Assange and other patriotic messengers, are now casting a long shadow over Mr. Assange. They are closing in on him in order to silence him and make an example of him for having the audacity to expose the truth. That mob that we call the U.S. Department of Justice has Mr. Assange in their sights, and are tracking him like monitor lizards who have gotten their bite into his flesh, thanks to the conniving and conspiring Ecuadorean, British, and Swedish governments, and have tainted him with their deadly venom of lies, distortions, and omissions.

This human drama, which will universally affect all of humanity, will predictably be played out in the frames of a slow, torturous plot, in hidden interrogation cells and in kangaroo courts, and ultimately, in prisons. It is a modern-day tragedy, painful to watch for all of us who have seen and heard the blinding and deafening bursts of truth that Mr. Assange and others have fired off the presses of Wikileaks. It is painful to those of us who know that Mr. Assange is guilty of one thing, and one thing only: of being a courageous journalist and whistleblower and a warrior for freedom.

And to those who say that Mr. Assange put our national security at risk, I would remind them that not only did the original procurers of the evidence of war crimes and political crimes work diligently to remove all classified information, as did the journalists at Wikileaks and at the other media outlets that published Mr. Snowden’s, Mr. Manning’s, and Mr. Rich’s evidence; so as to avoid any possibility of breaching our national security and putting us in danger. The same cannot be said for Hillary Clinton who used a private, unsecured server while Secretary of State.

Further, what kind of national security is served by allowing war crimes to be committed in our name, which make us the hated enemy of the rest of the world? And what kind of national security is served by acts of corruption so egregious as to destroy our constitutional rights to privacy, freedom of the press, and democratic elections. It is not our national security that the whistleblowers I’ve mentioned have put at risk, but the security that corrupt government officials enjoy in knowing that their crimes will remain hidden and that they will be unrestrained in committing new crimes.

These trusted “world leaders” whom Mr. Assange and others have exposed in their traitorous acts are no different from the most infamous criminals in the world: the serial killers, rapists, sex traffickers, pedophiles, and fraudsters who populate the prisons of our country and the world. In fact, they are much more dangerous and evil because the effects of their crimes affect whole countries. But how is it that these most dangerous criminals — who hold high public office and have the power to give orders to such departments as the U.S. military, the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA, the NSA, and ICE — have been able to turn our world so completely upside down? We live in a world where lies are understood to be the truth, the truth is understood to be lies, and the rule of law is ever so legally and officially disregarded, along with due process and other rights clearly mandated by our constitution and statutes … with no accountability?

How is it that the most dangerous criminals in the world walk free and are completely unhindered in committing ever more egregious crimes? Understand that any violation of the U.S. Constitution is a felony; and that violations of the Geneva Convention, to which we are one of the initial signatories, is an international war crime. How is it that our heroes are being arrested, tortured, and convicted in kangaroo courts of trumped up crimes while no recognition or reward is given to them for their selfless service to the people. How is it that the government officials who have sworn to uphold and defend the constitution who have broken that oath time and time again walk free while those who have never taken such an oath but who nonetheless are fighting to restore to us our constitutional rights and freedoms are being persecuted and imprisoned?

The truth is … ah, there’s that word again … that Mr. Assange is a hero of all humanity, and for all time. And, he is in the highly esteemed company of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Seth Rich. That the billionaire-owned conglomerate of the six mega-corporations that controls “our” mainstream media is not screaming for justice for Mr. Assange, and is instead flooding the media with non-information and misinformation about Mr. Assange is proof that they are also thoroughly corrupt and cannot be trusted to be truthful or to give us the news and information we need to know.

The hour is close at hand that our planet will become uninhabitable for a great percentage of people, as it has already become for a great percentage of our fellow creatures, and that we will lose what raggedy, little scraps of freedom and justice we still hang on to. But there is one thing that can save us … one key that, in these times, is as elusive as the fountain of youth: the truth. It is as precious as it is rare these days. We owe a debt of gratitude we can never repay to Mr. Assange and the others who have had the courage to blow the whistle and deliver crucial messages to us in our war of independence. It is, therefore, time for us to stand up and honor and defend these heroes — heroes such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Seth Rich, and Julian Assange. It is also time we learn to disregard the fake news fed to us by the the mainstream media.

It is time that we rise up to defend our heroes and to denounce the traitors among us. We must do all we can to ensure that the whistleblowers who have been willing to sacrifice all to help us in our fight for democracy and freedom are not allowed to be persecuted and tortured at the hands of the real criminals in our society — at least not without as much resistance as we can muster peacefully but persistently and effectively. Only by hitting the would-be aristocrats where it hurts them the most will we be able to achieve any kind of victory in our revolution. They have one vulnerable area, which we must target: that of the truth. To them, the truth is like sunlight to vampires. The truth is our most powerful weapon against them. It is clear from the way they have treated its messengers that the truth will weaken and destroy them, and that the truth will set us free.

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