“Follow the Money” Is No Idle Talk

There is an economic factor that has always been sorely overlooked in the periods of boom and bust in the US economy. It is the insidious “ultra-rich element.” What is this? It is the willingness of the billionaires (in the past, millionaires; in the future, if the trend continues, trillionaires), who own the corporations and large companies, to up production and employ more workers. You may ask, “Why would they do this? It would mean lower profits for them.” But I ask you, “Why wouldn’t they do this, if it meant getting more of what they want the most: more money and more power?” And, you may ask then, “How could they achieve this through manipulating the production and employment rates in the US economy?” The answer lies in the way in which the US productivity and employment rates’ influence how positively or negatively the people view the current president and administration. This, in turn, will influence the likelihood of that president or their protégé being elected next time around. Many will ask, “But then, doesn’t this imply that the billionaires are somehow colluding to effect increases and decreases in productivity and employment?” Yes, it does; and yes, they do. US presidents are not elected; they are selected. This has been the word from those who are at the top, having been, themselves, presidents, for over a century.

Under Obama, it was enthusiastic, mostly because the billionaires were bailed out of the Great Recession they had consciously created and the People were left to be fleeced and financially ruined as planned, and because the war machine chugged along nicely — despite all Obama’s campaign promises; under Carter, the willingness wasn’t there to any acceptable level because Carter didn’t play their game to their liking, plus the banksters added inflation to the mix, creating an almost impossible phenomenon called “stagflation”; under Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush, it was present to a great degree because the billionaires were getting what they wanted bigtime in all manner of scurrilous legislation, and because the war machine was cranking out nicely; under Trump, it is there enormously, as the billionaires, who haven’t been paying their fair share of taxes for decades, have received huge tax cuts, and because our wars are chugging along nicely.

If Bernie is elected in 2020, the billionaires will try to throttle back production and employment and create some inflation to go with it. It’ll be ugly, but we will have to find ways of countering their economic sabotage. We can, and we will. We must elect a populist like Senator Sanders who is truly democratic and truly progressive and truly patriotic, and who will get us back our constitutional rights and liberties. We must elect a truly democratic patriot who will right the ship of state, which has been off course since Kennedy was assassinated, and in many eras before in our history.

The founders were great democratic patriots who righted the ship of state with all-out revolution. Many of the great would-be founders were killed in the Revolutionary War. It was extremely bloody and costly. The oligarchs of Great Britain did not give up easily. Jackson was a great president who wrangled the helm of the ship of state away from the oligarchs of his time. He had lost several members of his family in the Revolutionary War. There was a very close call for Jackson, when, by the grace of God, both of his would-be assassin’s pistols failed to fire at him. Abraham Lincoln was another great democratic patriot. He was assassinated at the end of the Civil War. Both he and Jackson had taken control of the power to lend money at interest away from the private Federal Reserve (called by a different name at the time) and placed it back under the power of the US Treasury. It was quickly given back to the ultra-rich banking families after his assassination. Lincoln had planned to welcome the Southern states of the Confederacy back as brothers and sisters and to rebuild the South so that its economy would be even stronger and more prosperous after slavery. But he was assassinated, and the corrupt governmental leaders handed the conquered South to the carpetbaggers. They, instead of rebuilding it and helping Southerners to recover and prosper, plundered it through vulture capitalism and left the people there more poverty stricken and divided than at the end of the Civil War.

Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy restored to the People their government without full-blown revolutions, but with populist revolutions in very difficult times. As in other populist eras that had populist presidents, the people, en masse, stood up boldly and cried “No! We won’t have any more of this corruption and exploitation!” And they were blessed with true democratic patriot presidents. Of these, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November 1963. He also had ripped control of the power to lend money at interest away from the privately owned Federal Reserve and placed it back under the power of the US Treasury. Kennedy also refused to back the rogue CIA in toppling the Castro regime in Cuba and to send ground troops to Vietnam. After Kennedy was assassinated, the power to lend money at interest was once again very quickly placed back in the hands of the privately owned Federal Reserve, and we were soon in the Vietnam War.

The correlations drawn are not coincidences, but have great meaning and reasons behind them. “Follow the money” is not idle talk. Power mongers have always gone for the money first. With their accumulated wealth, they have then bought off the government and used it to increase their wealth and power in treasonous, unconstitutional ways. And the cycle has always continued till the People are so oppressed that they can no longer tolerate the abuses they are suffering — and this point is always reached because the power mongers cannot control their greed for money and power.

Studying history and political and economic phenomena is enriching and enlightening. I treasure the great populist presidents, the champions of the people and the champions of freedom and justice. Because I have studied the life and political career of Senator Bernie Sanders, I am confident in saying that he is one such great democratic patriot, who is cut in the mold of John F. Kennedy, whom he greatly admired, and the great democratic patriots before him. It is my hope that he will be elected as our president again come 2020 — and that this time, he will be allowed to have all the votes he gets in the primaries and will be allowed to take his rightful place in the general election, and that he will be inaugurated as our president — as he should have been in 2016 (elected in 2016 and inaugurated in 2017). If you have done your research, you definitely will agree with my analysis of the 2016 presidential primary and election. I hope that in 2020, we the People will cry “No! We won’t have any more of this corruption and exploitation!” and do the right thing despite our billionaire-owned and operated mainstream media and the increasing unconstitutional censorship of our independent media outlets. I hope that, by the grace of God, we will have our most recent revolution sooner than later, and that it will be a peaceful, populist revolution. As Kennedy so famously stated: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

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