The Hypocrisy of Hillary

Angela Bellacosa
6 min readSep 23, 2018

I could not help but see the hypocrisy when I read a recent article in which Hillary Clinton voiced outrage at the way in which Donald Trump’s presidency is affecting “our democracy.” (

I have seen a more apt illustration of the old saying “When you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing back at you.” What Hillary Clinton said in her interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, while speaking critically of #45:

Degrading the rule of law, delegitimizing our elections, attacking your favorite subject, truth and reason, spreading corruption, undermining our national unity… Each alone is a threat but you put it all together and it really is a crisis to who we are as a nation.

Indeed, it is. And more and more people are becoming woke to the truth about just how big the crisis we face is thanks, in part, to Ms. Clinton’s tireless efforts to dupe the world into believing she was an innocent bystander in the rigging of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

Yes, our democracy is “in crisis.” However, her well-documented collusion with the DNC and the billionaire-owned mainstream media during the 2015–16 Democratic presidential primaries in order to rig the primaries so that the Democratic nomination of the people’s choice would not win was also devastating to our democracy. This brings to mind her ill-fated memo that was leaked via a hacked email of hers in which she wrote to a major editor of a major mainstream media outlet that the mainstream media should “elevate” Trump as a “Pied Piper” who would lead the voters who were disaffected with the Democratic Party away to nowhere-land — and the mainstream media did just that, to the tune of $5 billion in free advertising for Trump. But Trump was supposed to be the loser, and Ms. Clinton the victor of the 2016 presidential election.

If we look further into history, we see that, under President Bill Clinton’s administration, the following acts also did devastating damage to our democracy:

  1. The granting to China of most favored nation status (now called permanent normal trade relations) and getting NAFTA passed. I would call this double whammy to our ecomony the “Loot the People’s Wages Act,” for it enabled corporate CEOs to cut costs by shipping jobs out of the U.S. and to create an employers’ market so they could drastically decrease the wages and benefits they paid American workers. It also allowed them to neutralize much of the people’s power by de-unionizing America to a great extent.
  2. The Telecommunications Act, which would be more aptly called the “Theft of Our Freedom of the Press Act,” which “legalized” (though it was and is unconstitutional) the massive consolidation of our media corporations and companies into a small number of billionaire-owned corporations which now stands at six that own all of the U.S. mainstream media outlets and 90% of all media outlets.
  3. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which more aptly would have been called the “Hyper-Criminalization of Minor Drug Offenses — Targeting Minority Men, and Prison Hyper-Expansion Act.” This bill led to the decimation of free, young, minority men in their communities and their incarceration and stigmatization along with millions of white Americans for relatively minor offenses.
  4. The Welfare Reform Act, which should have been called the “Kick the Poor (the “welfare queens”) onto the Streets Act.” This bill shredded our social safety net and has ruined the lives of generations of low-income Americans, including those of millions and millions of children.
  5. The repeal of essential sections of the Glass-Steagall Act, which rightly should have been called the “Unleash the Greedy Banksters to Rob America and the World Blind Act.” This rescission of many of the important banking regulations that were passed by Congress after the “Great” Depression set the stage (all as planned, believe it or not) for George W. to walk into the White House after stealing the 2000 presidential election — with a little help from Bro Jeb and the corrupted Supreme Court Justices — and allow the banksters to create the “Great Recession” through fraudulent mortgage lending (loaning money to people at variable interest rates, knowing that the people were bound to default on them as soon as the interest rates rose, etc.) and fraudulent mortgage derivatives sales (the bundled sure-to-fail mortgage loans that were passed off as having AAA ratings). George W presided over this monumental scam all while he did an effective if not awkward job of pretending he knew nothing of the impending catastrophic consequences of the recklessness and fraud of the banksters. That was a fairly difficult presidential blunder considering that many of the greatest economists in the world were publicly screaming warnings in his ears and the ears of those in his administration about the coming economic catastrophe for years before the financial collapse. This was pulled off — the second biggest banking heist since the “Great” Depression — with the aid of the ubiquitous, by then billionaire-owned and conglomerated “mainstream media,” the editors of which were more than happy to connive and conspire to hide the obvious truths about what the fraudster bankers were cooking up for the American people.

Speaking of our democracy being in constitutional crisis, while Hillary Clinton “served” as a senator from New York, her votes to approve of going to war with Iraq based on lies and in support of passing the “Patriot” Act, based on lies, assisted the George W. administration to get us into a devastating and costly war with Iraq over nonexistent WMD and to strip away our constitutionally protected right to privacy. These two democracy destroying acts made the military-industrial complex extremely happy, while making the corrupt officials in the NSA, CIA, DHS, and FBI downright elated. The downside was, we the people lost many loved ones in the war in Iraq and welcomed home many more who were seriously wounded, and we lost our right to privacy — which is a fairly important right — as are all the rights listed in the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution that we call The Bill of Rights.

Further along, Ms. Clinton’s well-documented use of her position as Secretary of State to procure donations to her and Mr. Clinton’s family foundation in exchange for political favors, including the traitorous Uranium One deal with the Russians, was extremely destructive to our democracy, though these acts did help the Clintons in their greedy goal of joining the billionaire club.

One last note: it was obviously for the purpose of allowing Bill Clinton to “assist” Hillary Clinton in her job as Secretary of State that Ms. Clinton was willing to put our national security at risk thousands of times in order to perform her job — or rather, to allow Bill Clinton to perform her job — from their private server located in the basement of their home in Chappaqua, New York. Furthermore, there would have been yet another violation of our constitution if Hillary had been elected president in 2016; as her husband, Bill, would have been acting secretly and unofficially as the “co-president”: that of the 22nd Amendment, which restricts U.S. presidents to two terms or 10 years. This is all further proof that greed and power hunger turn men and women into absolute fiends.

Yes, our democracy, what tatters of it are left us, certainly does seem to be in a constitutional crisis. Newsflash: This time around — let’s say since the assassination of our President John F. Kennedy — in the cycle of American democracy/tyranny/democracy/tyranny, we have been in a constitutional crisis FOR SO MANY DECADES because of the greed, deceitfulness, and secrecy of so many of “our democratically elected government officials” such as Hillary Clinton. But, here’s a much more exciting and uplifting newsflash: We the People are working hard to fix our democracy, and we will reach the next big milestone in November by voting for people who are real progressives, real patriots, and real democrats.